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published on 07/15/2015
published on 06/03/2015
published on 04/02/2014
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Our name bases on the two nouns ?Layouts? and ?Art?. These terms are standing for themselves: We want to create a platform where you are able to sell your web layouts. We think this sort of design has a fundamental part in the postmodern art.
For registering, please press the ?Register?-button in the navigation or follow this link. You will see a tiny form which asks you for some basic data we need from you. Since activation goes by e-mail it is necessary you use a correct address to avoid troubleshooting.
If you didn't receive an activation-mail to activate your account please take a look inside your junk-folder first. If there isn't any sign of mail either please don't hesitate to get in contact with us using our contact-form. You can also wait 48 hours till the account will be deleted automatically which frees your chosen nickname to register one more time.
The registered accounts have to be activated within 48 hours after registration. Otherwise the still locked accounts will be deleted automatically so you have to register one more time.
Membership, uploading and presenting of your work is absolutely free. Layarts.com is completely financed by advertisement and is only helping you to find your customer.
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published on 01/24/2009
published on 10/21/2008
published on 08/28/2008
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